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Our Office | Dr. Thomas E. DeLopezOur Office | Dr. Thomas E. DeLopezOur Office | Dr. Thomas E. DeLopez

Dr. Thomas E. DeLopez

Our Office | Dr. Thomas E. DeLopezOur Office | Dr. Thomas E. DeLopezOur Office | Dr. Thomas E. DeLopez

Ken Rockwell, Master Ceramist

of Dr. Thomas DeLopez, Tallahassee Dentist

It's about you. When you visit our office, you tell us your dental goals, needs and priorities. We then do a thorough examination to determine the condition of your mouth at this time. After gathering the facts, we jointly determine what is the best treatment for your particular dental problem areas.

If a smile makeover is what you want, we custom-tailor a smile that looks naturally perfect for you. We avoid giving you a smile that obviously looks like it was created by a dentist in an office.

Our goal is to enable you to gain and maintain optimum dental health.


Rockwell Veneers and Crowns

Tallahasee Dentistry presents Ken Rockwell's Artistic Restorations

Providing custom-tailored, individualized smiles is really an art. Our master ceramist, Ken Rockwell, has a Masters of Fine Arts degree. He is also an accomplished jewelry designer and photographer.

Every cosmetic crown from our office is personally produced by Mr. Rockwell, using the precise models and photographs provided by our award winning dentist, Dr. DeLopez. With extensive lecturing, teaching, and dental article contributions, we are proud to offer our patients his world-class restorations.



Comfort and Service

At the practice of Dr. DeLopez, we respect your schedule and are renown for seeing patients on time. Our team will be sure to treat you with courtesy, dignity, and help you to feel relaxed and comfortable with your treatments. We follow through expediently when we say something will be done for you.

Meet the Team of Tallahassee Dentist Dr. DeLopez

As a result, many patients tell us they are amazed with the efficiency, comfort and look of our crowns, veneers and other procedures. Our goal is to give you the most beautiful results, and make your visit to our practice the best experience.

Because of past dental incidents, some patients may feel nervous about visiting a dentist. With Dr. DeLopez, you can actually relax and enjoy your new smile.

However, the comfort level of our team and office is such that these relaxers are rarely requested. Because of Dr. D's experienced attention, almost every day patients tell us how his medication delivery is the most painless they've ever had.

Tallahasee Dentistry Dr. DeLopez's Practice

Stop by and visit our beautiful office. Meet our friendly, experienced team members. Have a cup of coffee, look at our Before and After smile makeover albums, and even request an office tour.

If you want...

  • extraordinary service
  • the highest quality dental treatment
  • delivered with extreme efficiency
  • in maximum comfort
  • in timely pre-scheduled appointments

...we are the office for you. Contact our practice today to see how dedication and care makes for a great experience, and an even better smile.

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